Solar Films

Solar Film provides Heat and UV Protection

Solar Control Window film is the best way to control light and heat penetration of glass and to filter out harmful Ultra-Violet (UV) light. Solar Control film rejects up to 80% of the heat generated by sunshine and provides UV protection by filtering over 95% of harmful UV light.

Solar Film keeps you cool

The heat reduction effect of Solar Film on your glass will substantially reduce the cooling requirement on your air conditioning system, providing electricity savings that over time could be greater than the cost of the solar film.

Solar Film protects your assets

The U-V protection provided by Solar Film protects carpeting, curtains, furniture and art from fading, prolonging their life and maintaining their durability.

Solar Film Cuts Glare

A good solar tint on your window will provide up to 90% glare reduction whilst letting in plenty of light so that you will enjoy your views. It’s like sunglasses for your windows!

Solar Film Increases Privacy

At the same time as providing heat reduction, UV light protection and cutting glare, Solar Film reduces the visibility of the interior space from the outside, giving you more privacy.

The wide range of Solar Films provides varying appearances and grades of tint. Our professional sales consultants will assist you to select the best film for your needs and our installers will ensure that the film is not even noticeable.

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